Milton Fisher Scholarship

Posted: 30 October 2011
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 Milton Fisher Scholarship

Scholarship Applications due: May 1

“This scholarship is not a traditional scholarship focused on rewarding academic achievement and financial need. Its specific goal is to reward and encourage innovative and creative problem solving.
The Scholarship aims to honor these students and to help make their higher education goals more accessible.

A four-year scholarship!

$20,000 (up to $5000 per year for four years)

The scholarship is open to:

exceptionally innovative and creative high school juniors & seniors, & college freshmen
a student planning to attend or attending an educational institution in Connecticut or the New York City metropolitan area OR
a Connecticut or New York City metropolitan area resident planning to attend or attending an institution of higher education either anywhere in the United States

Do You Think Outside The Box?

Apply for this scholarship if you are . . .

  • a student who has solved artistic, scientific, or technical problems in new or unusual ways
  • a student who has come up with a distinctive solution to problems faced by your school, community or family
  • a student who has created a new group, organization, or institution that serves an important”

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