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Posted: 10 February 2012
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Directly submit your project in Google’s Science Fair for 2013. The competition closes on April 30, 2013

How to enter

Google is looking for the brightest young scientists from around the world to submit interesting, creative projects that are relevant to the world today.

DO ensure that you and any members of your team are between the ages of 13 and 18. The age category you compete in depends on your age on April 30, 2013. If you are entering as a team your age category is based on the oldest member of the team.

DO remember to get parental consent. You will not be able to submit your project unless your parent or guardian consents for you to enter this competition. If you are entering as a team all members of the team need to get parental consent.

DO make sure to include a 20 slide Google presentation or 2 minute YouTube video as part of your project submission.

DO make sure that your site and the videos, presentations and documents that are included in it have public access so that the judges can see them – make sure to choose “public on the web” in the sharing settings.

DO include content on every page of your site, and pay attention to the Core Content word limits. You can include additional content, but remember that the judges may not be able to read this.

DO make sure the topic and materials used in your project meet the Experiment Guidelines.

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