Winning Displays the Easy Way

Posted: 11 June 2010

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Ok, we lied. Putting together a good display takes time and patience. We do have some good tips that will make it eas-ier.

Spray Mount

Spray mount is a wonderful spray on adhesive. Almost anything you want to stick to your board, goes on better with spray mount. Any kind of paper can go on easily without bubbles or glue marks.

Spray mount, however, is super sticky stuff. It’s an aerosol and will make everything you spray near it into a sticky mess.  Either use it outside or lay down lots of newspapers in a well ventilated room

To get a nice even coat you’ll want to be about a foot off the sheet you’re spraying. You don’t need soak the paper with it. One good thin coat does the trick. Also, use a heavier weight paper than your usual printing paper for best results. It’s much easier to deal with wet sticky heavy weight paper than thin-about-to-tear paper.

Spray mount can be purchased at any office or art supply store and most department stores.

If you can’t get a hold of spray mount, double sided tape is a good alternative. It’s also easier to work with.

Designing The Display

Wait! Don’t start gluing yet. I know you’re tired and you never want to see another project board again, but take a few minutes to map out your board. Nothing can be worse than putting a lot of things on it and finding out it won’t all fit or that you have extra empty space on it. (For the latter case, slipping in an extra picture could save you).

  • Enlist the help of a friend or art teacher. Someone who is good with colors and/or design can really help with picking a color scheme and laying everything out on the board. They don’t need to understand the science or engineering behind your project to tell you what looks good.
  • Get a piece of scrap paper and sktech out how everything will fit on your board.
  • If you’re not sure how long your discussion or your results are, print them out on scrap paper as well. . Make sure you take into account how much of a border you’re going to have around each one.
  • Mark all the locations with pencil marks before doing the final placement.

Display Materials

You can buy a presentation board in more than just white or cardboard brown. Project display boards come in a variety of primary an secondary colors. (The yellow, however is super bright we don’t recommend it). All of the big office supply stores have them. They’re fairly inexpensive as well.

Some also already have a separate title display board that slots into the top of the rest of the display. The separate title display not gives you a great exclusive place for the all important title. It has the added benefit of keeping the main display board open at the right angle.

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