WXedge Academy Wants to Hear About Your Project

Posted: 19 February 2013

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Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair students have been invited to submit articles and photos about their projects to Channel 8’s WXedge Academy  They are especially interested in weather, climate, sustainability topics but invite all CSEF competitors submit their research ideas.  Take this opportunity to blog with the WXedge team.

Get your parents’ approval before you sign to be a contributor. You can sign up  and Join the WXedge Team by clicking here or on the link on the WXedge webpage. Provide a couple of lines about your work when you sign up to be a contributor and mention that you’re a CSEF competitor.

Let’s get the word out about the great work of our CSEF students. Channel 8’s WXedge will be at this year’s fair and who knows, you could make an on-the-air appearance.

Bob Wisner
Fair Director
[email protected]


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