2010 Fair Results

[twocol_one]Special Award winners and final Judging results post 5:00pm Thurs.

  1. See if you’re a Regular Award Finalist
  2. If, and only if, you are a finalist, check-in online.
  3. See if you’re a Special Award Winner.
  4. If, and only if, you are a special award winner, check-in online.

You must check-in with us by 9:00pm

Finalists posted 5:00pm Wed.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Throughout fair week, judging results, awards will be posted here.

  • All finalists are required to be at their project on Thursday morning for Final Judging which will start at 9 am sharp. Arrive by 8:30 am.
  • Students on the list of special award winners are required to attend the Special Awards ceremony on Saturday, March 13 unless they have obtained a release directly from the Fair Director.
  • Special Awards will be posted at the conclusion of the special awards ceremony Noon, Saturday, March 13.
  • Entire Fair Results posted, Saturday, March 13.
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2010 Preliminary Judging Results – All Projects

2010 Finalists

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2010 Special Awards by School Town

2010 Special Awards by Sponsor

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2010 Regular Fair Winners by School Town

2010 Regular Fair Winners by Category

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2010 All Special Category Winners

2010 Mathematics Awards

2010 Environmental Sciences Awards

2010 Applied Technology Awards

2010 Computer Science Awards

2010 Andrew DeRocco Award

2010 CT Academy of Science and Engineering Awards

2010 CT Clean Energy Awards

2010 CSTA Marty Tafel Awards

2010 Sustainable Resources and Practices Awards – eesmarts

2010 Future Sustainability Awards

2010 Goodrich Engineering Excellence Awards

2010 Quinnipiac University Scholarship

2010 United Technologies Awards


Be sure and write a thank-you note to your sponsor. Let them know that their gift is appreciated.

2010 Award Sponsors Address List