We can’t wait to see your work! Follow the STEPS below to submit your project.

The Virtual Rules: You may submit files, up to 5MB. These file may be in .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png, depending on the section. To maintain an even playing field, you MAY NOT provide external links. All other rules, per the rules and safety document. Check out the DOCUMENT LIBRARY.

Please see THIS helpful hints page to prepare your materials. There are videos, samples of posters, and other valuable information

STEP #1.

Find your Fair Project Number in red (different from your registration entry number in blue that you used on your abstract) HERE!
These numbers are not posted until the end of February (one day before project uploads open).

STEP #2.

Use THIS Form using the Fair Project Number in red from Step #1 to upload your Poster and supporting materials. You are required to submit your poster (5MB max), your abstract and optionally submit a research report/research plan/bibliography (5MB max), a laboratory notebook (5MB max), and a link (URL) to a 3-minute supportive video.

Note #1: For team projects, only the Team Leader needs to complete this step. Note #2: List a student phone number and/or email, in case someone needs to reach you!

STEP #3.

After you submit your project materials, you will be redirected to complete THIS Form to share a picture of you and your project with us. You must be logged into a Google or School Google account for this Step ONLY. This is required for competition, but will NOT be used in judging.

STEP #4.

Find your appointment times for Preliminary Judging and Finalist Judging on The Fair page.