Registration Guidelines

  • Before selecting a topic and starting research, middle school and high school students decide on either EZ Path or an unrestricted research path. This will greatly influence the amount of forms that must be submitted.
  • Students selected by registered schools and independent students submit the student registration forms electronically in PDF format. All registration forms must be received by February 15, 11:59 pm.
    1. CSEF registration form and research plan
    2. Online submission of release form
    3. Upload any additional ISEF forms required by Scientific Review Committee.
  • ISEF Forms 1, 1A, and 1B are not required for project registration. The information asked for in these forms is part of the CSEF online registration.
  • Check the status of your submitted registration to see if additional information is required

Mrs. Evelyn Brown, School and Project Registration Chair
(Contact the Registrations Chair with questions about fees, registration forms, and any other registration related items.)