2010 ISEF Newsletter #6

Today started off great because we were able to sleep in and catch up on much needed sleep. We met in the Müler’s room for a breakfast consisting of delectable muffins, pastries, and fruit.

Then we made our way to the exhibit hall to stand by our posters for the public viewing. Various school groups, ranging from elementary to college students, perused the projects, often looking to complete scavenger hunts or papers given to them by their teachers. The time did not pass quickly, but it helped that one was able move around to view other finalist projects, take a quick lunch break, and mingle with other finalists.

After the public viewing, we enjoyed some down time before moving on to dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal made up of food ranging from butternut squash soup, filet mignon, and salads, to crème brulee and chocolate lava cake for dessert.

During dinner, we found ourselves distracted by the filming of “I’m in Love With a Church Girl”, starring rapper Ja Rule. Police cars and Bentleys were flying by the restaurant in the filming of this sure to be hit movie based out of San Jose.

The special awards ceremonies went slowly, but we left proud. Heather Leask won a trip to Geneva, Switzerland in June to tour the European Organization for Nuclear Research-CERN and the large HADRON Collider. Amoolya Narayanan received a $250 special award and certificate, sponsored by the Microbiologist Society.

We ended the night by going back to the hotel to relax after a tiring day. We are very much looking forward to the Friday Grand Awards Ceremony and the trip to San Francisco.

- Jacob Ness Junior New Milford High School