ISEF 2012: Newsletter #3

Monday, May 14

Breakfast and Project Approval

The day began at 7:30 am with a buffet breakfast at the Westin with food aplenty for our hungry competitors. Then off to the Exhibit Hall to set up and the get approved by Rules & Safety.  Good News! All went very smoothly with the projects being approved without a glitch! Yeah, there was a quick trip by Mr. Bramante to get the iPad from his hotel room for Ryota’s slides that are part of his display.  Rules & Safety inspects all visuals associated associated with a project. Get photos here

Duquesne Incline

Before heading off to the Duquesne Incline, a pre turn-of-the-century funicular, we had lunch at at recommended restaurant near the hotel. (Yes, frequent feeding is required- Something to do with young growing minds, we think!) Then, we all piled into the hotel shuttle (We really packed in- No kidding!) and headed across the river to the Incline.  Check out the photos.

Opening Ceremony

Yet another dazzling (and deafening for us old folks) opening ceremony that Intel has never failed to produce. The Keynote speaker was Ben Gulak, Intel ISEF 2004, 2006, 2007, possibly another Steve Jobs in the making. Ben’s 2007 project, the Uno,an exo-friendly, electric-powered unicycle that converts into a traditional two wheel bike. This concept is the basis for his start-up company, BPG – Werks.  Ben is CEO and Chairman of this Cambridge, Mass. based company that is being funded by big name venture capitalists. You have to think that a goodly number of the highly creative minds in the audience are now thinking about commercializing the ideas.  See photos of the ceremony.

Very Good News to Wind up the Evening was word that all our projects made it through the final (Yeah, this process never seems to end!) floor walk by the top Rules & Safety and SRC inspectors without violations. We are good to go for Tuesday’s prejudging.

Tomorrow is sightseeing and deep thoughts by all the competitors about how to best pitch their work for Wednesday’s judging interviews.

We are struggling with the hotel’s internet connection.  There will be more photos when Andy Bramante and I can establish a more reliable connection.

Bob Wisner , Fair Director