2015 ISEF Newsletter #5 from EunSun

Posted: 14 May 2015

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Photos taken May 13, 2015

readyforjudging4Today was the day we have all been waiting for… judging day! We woke up bright and early at 6:30, both anxious and excited for the events to come. The adults, of course, were very supportive, treating us to oatmeal bowls and cheese omelets at the Bigelow Grille.  We then quickly got ready and took the shuttle off to the convention center, full of nerves.


Judging took place at the Lawrence Convention Center for 9 grueling hours. However, after we were finished, it was the consensus that time had passed much quicker than expected.  We split into two groups depending on our categories. Ethan and I were on the second floor. Margaret, William, Reid and Olivia were on the first. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my judges were very knowledgeable, and took my research in multiple new directions. All of us were able to present our projects to the judges confidently. We took a quick lunch break in between judging and went to Tonic for delicious wraps and burgers. After 3, we had unscheduled judging for special awards. Finally, the most intensive part of ISEF ended.

We then went to an awesome event at the Heinz football stadium and the Carnegie Science Center. We had hearty food, including delicious pizza and buffalo wings amidst a crowd of roaring finalists and ground-shaking music. We also met friends from Pakistan and took pictures that will become memorable keepsakes. After, the group took a detour on the way back to Market Square for a satisfying “second” dinner and some loud conversation. The evening closed with a relaxing, light-hearted movie night and buttered snacks. This was one more memorable leg of the ISEF trip.

EunSong Hong
Senior at Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science and Technology Education Center

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