CSEF Students at “Women In Science Saturday Series” Connecticut Science Center

Four young women winners from the 2019 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair (CSEF) participated in the Women in Science, Saturday Science Program at the Connecticut Science Center on November 16. Get their project abstracts as a PDF.

  • Tyler Fox – Greenwich High School – Greenwich
  • Lorraine Hillgen-Santa – Hamden Hall Country Day School – Hamden
  • Raina Jain – Greenwich High School – Greenwich
  • Srishti Ramakrishnan – Westside Middle School Academy – Danbury
l-t-r: Lorraine Hillgen-Santa, Tyler Fox, Raina Jain, Srishti Ramakrishnan

They presented and discussed their award winning research projects with two student groups.

The Connecticut Science Center’s Women in Science initiative encourages girls and young women to pursue studies and career paths in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and celebrates the achievements of women in the sciences.

In addition to discussions with the CSEF winners Students learned that algorithms are a set of instructions that modify an input to produce an output. Students got to write an algorithm to make the ”best” product. Then they explored what it means to be ”best” and see how their opinions are reflected in their algorithms. 

Lorraine Hillgen-Santa talks about her work with dog saliva for germ killing.
Srishti Ramakrishnan presents her microplastic removal from wastewater.
Raina Jain’s research for blocking varroa mite infestation of honey bee hives
Tyler Fox discussing her development of cornstarch-based, single use, tableware.

CSEF participation in Women in Science is coordinated by Doug King, CSEF Board Member and CSEF National Special Awards Chair. Many thanks Doug and to the young women for taking the time to support this important program.