2020 Fair Results

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2020 ISEF Winners

2020 Top Category Winners

2020 Preliminary Judging Results Posted Tuesday, March 10 by 7pm

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2020 Regular Fair Winners by Category

2020 Regular Fair Winners by School Town

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2020 Special Awards by School Town

2020 Special Awards by Sponsor

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2020 All Special Category Winners

2020 Applied Technology Awards

2020 Broadcom Winners

2020 Alexion Biotechnology Awards

2020 Gerber Medal of Excellence – CASE/CCAT

2020 CASE Urban School Challenge Award

2020 Computer Science Awards

2020 Engineering Awards

2020 Renewable Energy Awards

2020 Environmental Sciences Awards – CACIWC

2020 Future Sustainability Awards

2020 Math Awards – People’s United Bank/ATOMIC

2020 Quinnipiac University Scholarship – not awarded

2020 Petit Family Awards

2020 CSTA Marty Tafel Award

2020 Eversource Technical High School Awards

2020 Scholarships (University of Hartford, University of New Haven, University of Connecticut)

2020 Urban School Challenge Awards – CASE/AETNA/IBM

2020 United Technologies Corporation Awards


2020 Final Judging Results – All Award Winners Consolidated List

2020 Abstracts
2020 High School Physical Abstracts
2020 Middle School Physical Abstracts
2020 High School Life Abstracts
2020 Middle School Life Abstracts

If you have questions about regular awards or need help with missing ribbons or trophies, please contact our Regular Awards Chairperson, Ann Frattalone at regularawards@ctsciencefair.org

Abbreviations used in results listings:


Preliminary results: 1, 2, 3 honors in the regular fair
Final results: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 place trophies
m = medalist

AT = Applied Technology
BT = Biotechnology
CS = Computer Science
ENG = Engineering

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ET = Energy & Transportation
EV = Environmental
FS = Future Sustainability
MA = Mathematics
SRP = Sustainable Resources & Practices

2020 Fair Annual Report – Detailed listing of competitors and awards, participating schools, sponsors, and fair statistics