2011 ISEF Newsletter #4

Posted: 9 May 2011
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Toni Viola, junior at New Milford High School, and Science Horizons ISEF competitor reports on Sunday’s setup and the evening student pin exchange. Read Toni’s biography and abstract at Meet the Winners.

Today was our first official day in LA! We started off the morning by enjoying a breakfast in the hotel. Shortly thereafter we had a team meeting to discuss our plans for the day and upcoming week. So far all the projects have been cleared for judging but we must be prepared for any obstacles that may come our way in the future. Our meeting served its purpose as we were proud to say we were called, ”the most efficient team” as we had all of our paperwork prepared and organized. As we entered the LA Convention Center we were greeted by a massive ISEF sign posted on the building. We made our way to our booths to set up our projects. The location where the judging will take place on Wednesday is very large and each booth is lined with curtains- the entire center is impressive! After setting up our posters we went out for a Panini lunch and played (or attempted to play) ultimate Frisbee in the park. Then we came back to the hotel to prepare for an evening of pin exchange. As we gathered in the Marriot we collected pins and took pictures with people from around the world. We received pins from countries like Turkey, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, South Korea and Japan. We had an opportunity to speak with students from these locations and we were able to find out what some of the different projects were. Overall it was a remarkable experience and the pins will certainly be saved for a lifetime.

Photos of the Day

Maybe the students will have some of the pin exchange to share.


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