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Posted: 11 May 2012
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Hello Science Fair Friends, Sponsors, and Alumni,

The six top high school winners of the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair and the top two winners of the Science Horizons Regional Fair are packing their bags and heading to Pittsburgh, Sunday, May 13. (Sorry Mothers!) There, they will compete in The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the world’s largest pre-college competition of science and engineering.

It is a tradition of our Fair to provide newsletters detailing our group’s adventures for our sponsors and friends. The newsletters will be emailed to you in advance of being posted on the fair’s website. A limited number of photos will be attached to the emails but a great many more will be available through the CSF website. There will be approximately five email newsletters, one for each major event.

Follow along with us:

Sunday – Getting through the Scientific Review and Display Rules and Safety Committees and project set-up

Monday – Finishing Project Setup, Opening Ceremony

Tuesday – Clearing Project Violations, Sightseeing, Nobel Laureates, Welcoming Party

Wednesday – Judging and Student/Adult Mixer

Thursday – Public Viewing & Special Awards Ceremony

Friday – Grand Awards Ceremony and heading back home
2012 Intel ISEF:

Get the 2012 ISEF Finalist Directory:

And judge for yourself.  There is much to be learned from even a project title.

ISEF Stats:  Finalists, 1549; Females, 685 (44%)  Males, 865 (56%)  Freshman, 159, Sophomores, 264,  Juniors, 498, Seniors, 628

The Official party includes top winners from Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair and Science Horizons Regional Fair Students.

(Meet the Winners):

 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair Students:

(View the students’ abstracts and bios)
  • Genesis Garcia, Senior, Bridgeport Aquaculture School, Bridgeport, “Geometrical Symmetry Analysis of the Skeletonema costatum Amorphous Cell Structure”
  • Yiyuan Hu, Senior, Hamden High School, Hamden, “Role of MyD88 in DNA Damage Response”
  • Ryota Ishizuka, Senior, Greenwich High School, Greenwich, “An Organic Thin Film Transistor and Elastic Organic Solar Cell Based Electronic Skin for Biochemical and Tactile Sensing”
  • Mallory Madfes, Junior, Greenwich High School, Greenwich, “Mycoremediation of PCB Soil Contaminants with Pleurotus Ostreatus”
  • Bridget Oei, Sophomore, East Catholic High School, Manchester,  “Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Piezoelectric Generator:  A Novel Approach to Harvesting Vibrations from Human Respiration to Power Biological Implant Devices”
  • John Solder, Senior, Staples High School, Westport, “Optogenetic Interrogation of Prefrontal Cortex Dopamine D1 Receptor-Containing Neurons as a Technique to Restore Timing: A Novel Approach to Treat Prefrontal Disorders”

Science Horizons Regional Fair Students:

(View the students’ abstracts and bios)
  • Jaden Williams, Junior, New Milford High School, New Milford, “The Effect of a Bacteria’s Source on a Microbial Fuel Cell’s Electrical Output”
  • Samantha Skaller, Junior, Brewster High School, Brewster, NY  “Isotropic Versus Anisotropic Materials: Affect on Violin Resonance Using Young’s Modulus”

Accompanying Adults (Meet the Chaperones):

  • Mrs. Ann Frattalone, CSF ISEF Coordinator. Regular Awards Chair
  • Mr. Andy Bramante, Independent Research Teacher, Greenwich High School
  • Mr. David Liscinsky, United Technologies Research Center and Physical Sciences Judging Chair, CSF Board Member,
  • Mr. Bob Wisner, Fair Director, CT Science Fair

Breaking News:
 CSF Competitors Compete at I-SWEEEP, the International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering, Environment Project

Future Sustainability Top Winners:

  • Bridget Oei, East Catholic HS, Manchester, Gold Medalist and $11,000 scholarship to North American College
  • Morgan Jordan, Joel Barlow HS, Redding, Honorable Mention

CT Science & Eng. Fair Special Awards Winners:

  • Remington Carle, Norwich Free Academy, Gold Medalist
  • Mario Chris and Miraj Rahematpura, Xavier HS, Middletown, Silver Medalist

CT Science & Eng. Fair Special Awards Winners who received Invitations to Compete:

  • Lindsey Noskin, Greenwich HS
  • Serik Tukupov and Vali Gasimov, Putnam Science Academy, Bronze Medalist (next 30% of finalists)

Independent Entrants who also competed at CSEF

  • Daniel Giebish, Amity Regional HS, Bronze Medalist
  • Almas Myrzatay and Muhammed Kose, Putnam Science Academy, Silver Medalists

All in all, a remarkably showing for the state of Connecticut to have 8 projects in this international competition.

Our thanks to the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, eeSmarts, UI and CL&P for supporting the Future Sustainability categories.

Learn more about I-SWEEEP

On behalf of our Board, Officers, and Executive Committee, thank you for your continuing support of the Connecticut Science Fair.  We hope that you enjoy following the week’s activities.

Bob Wisner, Fair Director

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