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Posted: 15 May 2012
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Tuesday, May 15

A Ducky Day!

See the photos of the the downtown tour and Duck boat river ride.

Tuesday was the most relaxing day of the week here at ISEF, clearly the calm before the judging storm that is to occur on Wednesday.  The group began the day at a vacation-like 9 am at the hotel restaurant for breakfast, and some students ventured over for a last minute check of his/her poster before the start of the day’s prejudging.  We reconvened at 11 am for a trip to the Station Square area of Pittsburgh.

Hard Rock Café & the Ducky Tour

The first stop, lunch at the Hard Rock Café (and yes, I believe all of the adults have moved over 1 belt notch already from all of the eating).  After a great lunch, which everyone swore they couldn’t eat, but did, we ventured outside for the Ducky Tour of the metropolitan Pittsburgh area.  The tour was very unique, informative, and fun, as we were often asked to “quack” for the local business men and women as we traveled throughout the city.  Mr. Bramante wore a pair of sunglasses with a fake nose!  Once the vehicle splashed down into the murky river adjacent to Heinz Field, three of the CT students were given the opportunity to drive the (now) boat; John, David, and Genesis.  All three were outdone by a 4-year old boy, who stole the show.  The tour lasted ~ 1 hour, after which time, the students to the hotel and crashed in preparation for the evening events.

 Evening Mixers

For the evening events, the entire party embarked on a sardine-like trip via the subway, to Heinz Field (for the adults) and the American Eagle Center (for the students), immediately adjacent to the field.  The adult mixer was held in the stadium clubhouse; it was really enjoyable, and included a great mix of foods from all nationalities, as well as 2 free libations of choice!   For the kids, well, let’s see what they had to say ….  Andy Bramante

For one night, the entirety of all delegates from 68 different countries congregated under the flashing lights of the club.  For one night, nationalities were forgotten, the burden of judging facing us all tomorrow was erased, and everyone unified in a single beautiful orchestra of moving bodies and smiling faces.  We all entered through the doorsteps into the darkness, our hearts beating to the deep bass echoing through the hallways.  In a flash of light, the aromas of dumpling, spring rolls, mini-sliders and countless other delicacies adorned throughout tables overwhelmed our senses.  Interspersed throughout were air hockey tables with a crowd of students.  Genesis immediately entered into the fray, confidently destroying hopeless Albanians, baffled by her endless stream of victories.  We then stepped onto the dance floor; myriad lights sporadically illuminated the Connecticut delegation.  After dancing away into the night, the exhausted students trudged back to the subway station.  Upon arriving back at the hotel, we relaxed at the lap pool and hot tub.  Ryota performed a majestic cannonball into the pool, while Mallory and Bridget dutifully swam laps.  We then all descended into the hot tub.  After an exhausting day inundated with activities, we returned to our room for an early night’s sleep, eager for the judging facing us tomorrow.

Reported  by: Ryota Ishizuka, Greenwich HS, and Mallory Madfes, Greenwich HS

Wednesday is Judgement Day!

The leisure life of Tuesday ends at 6:30 am Wednesday morning for Breakfast and then  it’s over to the Convention Center for a day of judging interviews running from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm with an 1 hour 15 minute break for lunch.

Tune in tomorrow for the day’s happenings!

Bob Wisner, Fair Director




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