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Posted: 4 April 2013
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Thursday, April 4, 2013– Three of our Fair’s top winners made their radio debut today on the Phil Mikan’s Corner Show, 10-11am, weekdays, 9-11am Sat on WLIS 1420 AM  and WMRD 1150 AM, Old Saybrook and Middletown. Phil held his usually lively discussions (to say the least) with Maxmillian Minichetti, Rebecca Murray, and Mallory Madfes. These  Greenwich High School students got to answer a barrage of questions as Phil dug in to get to the bottom of their research and what motivates them to pursue it. Hear the show at
See photos of the group’s antics in the the WMRD studio.


The work of these high school students span engineering, physics, chemistry, and biology:

  • Dye sensitized solar cell with fuel cell energy storage – Max Minichetti
  • Optical Tweezers for  molecular leve movement of chemicals- Rebecca Murray
  • Promotion of wound healing with a novel hydrophilic dressing- Mallory Madfes

The students were accompanied by their science research teacher, Andrew Bramante and Bob Wisner, CT Science & Engineering Fair director.  For sure, a key “take-away” from the discussions was the importance of hands-on research in the high school environment. At Greenwich High School Mr. Bramante conducts a science research course that is offered as an elective in addition to the traditional high school science course offerings. After listening to what these  young adults have to say about their work and independent research with “Mr. B” and you, too, will wonder why there are less than a handful like it in Connecticut.

Many thanks to the students and Mr. Bramante for taking time away from their research and studies to rush hour travel to Middletown for the show.

In the weeks ahead, you will get to follow the adventures of these students and three others as they travel to Phoenix and experience the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  Be sure and subscribe to follow these posts! See the lower left of our homepage to Subscribe & Connect.

Hear about the mission and accomplishments of our Fair in an earlier Phil Mikan interview with Bob Wisner, Fair Director, on 3.22.2013. Click on the blue arrow below 03.22.2013 on Phil’s Archive Page

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