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I-SWEEEP 2014 - 2I-SWEEEP – International Sustainable World
Houston, Texas, April 30 – May 4, 2014

See their abstracts •  Get Photos • Visit the I-SWEEEP website (above photo l-to-r: Margaret Cirino, Andrew Ma, Jack Andraka, Max Minichetti, and Ethan Novek)

Connecticut has a record number of I-SWEEEP competitors this year- Fifteen in all! Five that are selected by CSEF and sponsored to attend.  Ten competed by applying directly to I-SWEEEP and were chosen by the I-SWEEEP screening process as competitors. Congratulations to all.

Awards Ceremony- Sunday, May 4, 3:30 – 5:30 pm CDT. Results are given below.

I-SWEEEP Competitors sponsored by CSEF

Cagri Aytekin, Erkam Curuk, Berk Suleyman, Juniors, Putnam Science Academy –  Gold Medal Environment
A Novel Approach to Removing Oil Spills from Seawater by using Sustainable and Cost-efficient Materials

Ethan Novek, Freshman, Greenwich High School – Bronze Medal Energy
Creation of Tidal Power from Infiltrating Coastal Ground Water via a Novel Tidal Barrage System

Bridget Oei, Senior, East Catholic High School, Manchester – Silver Medal Environment
Investigating the Efficacy of Bioluminescent Mushroom Panellus Stipticus as a Biosensor to Detect the Toxicity of Water Contaminants

CSEF Competitors who applied to I-SWEEEP directly and were chosen to compete.

Aasiya Ahmed, Usra Qureshi & Aden Khan, Juniors, Madina Academy, Windsor – Honorable Mention Energy
A Novel Wind Turbine Design Incorporating Photovoltaic Cells and Piezelectric Sensors

Margaret Cirino, Freshman, Greenwich High School – Silver Medal Energy
Optimizing Hydrogen Production From a Piezo-electrochemical Water-Splitting Mechanism with Low-Cost Synthesis of ZnO and BiFeO3 Nanostructures

Andrew Ma, Junior, Greenwich High School – Gold Medal Engineering
Temperature-Induced Concurrent Removal and Recovery of Wastewater Ammonia-Nitrogen

Omer Tekin, Abidin Emhan and Taha Cangoz, Juniors, Putnam Science Academy – Silver Medal Environment
Alternative Source for Paper Produced from the Endocarp Layer from Various Melons and its Environmental Benefits

Bryce Anderson, Sophomore, Greenwich High School – Bronze Medal Energy
Inclusion of Thermoelectric Generators in Glass Building Materials to Produce Useful Energy in New England Homes

Maximillian Minichetti, Junior, Greenwich High School – Gold Medal Energy
A Filamentous Organic Solar Cell Based Piezoelectric Architecture for Powering Commercial and Biological Electronic Devices

Report from Ethan Novek, Greenwich HS, Saturday, May 3

I’m having a great time at I-SWEEEP.
I first got to I-SWEEEP on Thursday after my flight was canceled three times. Despite this late start, I quickly set up my display board and other project materials before the opening ceremony.
The group of Greenwich, CT students met up in the skybridge before the opening ceremony. During the opening ceremony, I was impressed with the broad range of countries present at I-SWEEEP, including Mali, Somalia and Chad. Jack Andraka, a previous first place winner at Intel ISEF, and Bonnie Dunbar, were the inspiring keynote speakers. Regardless of many obstacles, both keynote speakers were able to achieve far reaching goals.
Friday began with the public viewing. I met people from South Korea, Pakistan, Macedonia, Hong Kong, and Tajikistan and became good friends with people from Australia, South Africa and from the U.S. cities, Louisville, KY, Burlington, VT, San Diego, CA and Dallas, TX. After the public viewing, all of I-SWEEEP went on a trip to the Houston Natural Science Museum. I was privileged to see the 1217 Magna Carta, which is on a traveling exhibit in Houston. That night, I ate dinner with the CSEF participants and four people I became friends with at the public viewing. I ended the day swimming on the top floor pool with many fellow  I-SWEEEP participants, while overlooking the city of Houston.
This morning (Saturday) is right before the exciting big day of judging. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.
Many Thanks for this already very valuable experience,



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