2015 ISEF Newsletter #1- Meet the Competitors

Posted: 7 May 2015
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Hello Science Fair Friends, Sponsors, and Alumni,

The six top high school winners of the 2015 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair are heading to Pittsburgh, Sunday, May 10, to compete in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the world’s largest precollege science and engineering competition. (Yes, I’m afraid we once again leave on Mother’s Day!)

Intel ISEF takes place Sunday through Friday, May 10-15. It is a tradition of our Fair to provide newsletters of our students’ adventures for our sponsors and friends. The newsletters will be emailed to you and will be posted on the Fair’s website – Click Here

A limited number of photos will be attached to the emails but a great many more will be available through the CSEF website. Click Here There will be approximately six email newsletters, one for each major event, and each written by one of the CSEF competitors.

Follow along with us:

  • Sunday – Arrive in Pittsburgh noon time, check into hotel, have lunch, go through registration process and in the evening the students are off to the Student Pin Exchange
  • Monday – Getting through the Scientific Review and the Display Rules & Safety Committees, and project set-up. Then, it’s off to take a ride on Duquesne Incline. The day concludes with the Opening Ceremony.
  • Tuesday – Clear any Project Violations, Lunch at the Hard Rock Café followed by the “Ducky Tour”, and attend the Excellence in Science and Technology Panel Discussion with Nobel Laureates. Evening features Mixer Events and for students and adults.
  • Wednesday – Judging from 8 am to 5 pm and then it’s off to Pittsburgh Welcome Night at the Carnegie Science Center, Sports, and Heinz Field.
  • Thursday – Public Viewing with students at their displays to explain their research to visiting school groups. After dinner, it’s the Special Awards Ceremony
  • Friday – Grand Awards Ceremony, Pack up projects, and head for the airport and flight back home.


2015 Intel ISEF – Get the 2015 ISEF Finalist Directory.

Check out the Finalist Directory and judge for yourself. There is much to be learned from even a project title. 

Look over the Fair Week Schedule– Never a dull moment!

Get the Program Book

Official Party

View Meet the Winners15 containing the students’ abstracts and bios, and the bios for the accompanying adults.


  • Margaret Cirino, Sophomore, Greenwich High School, Synthesis of an Electromagnetically-Controlled Corn-Starch/PVA
    2015 CSEF Intel ISEF Competitors: Eunsun Hong, Ethan Novek, Margaret Cirino, William Yin, Olivia Hallisey (not present, Reid Radulovacki)

    2015 CSEF Intel ISEF Competitors: Eunsun Hong, Ethan Novek, Margaret Cirino, William Yin, Olivia Hallisey (not present, Reid Radulovacki was taking his SAT)

    Biopolymer Microcube for Extended and Targeted Drug Delivery

  • Olivia Hallisey, Sophomore, Greenwich High School, Temperature-Independent, Portable, and Rapid Field Detection of Ebola via a Silk-Derived Lateral-Flow System
  • Eunsun Hong, Senior, Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science and Technology Education Center, Development of Non-toxic Photostabilized Phycoerythrin for Application in
    Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
  • Ethan Novek, Sophomore, Greenwich High School, Novel Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery System with Simultaneous Electricity Generation, Carbon Sequestration and Urea Production
  • Reid Radulovacki, Junior, Greenwich High School, Chocolates Theobromine, and not Caffeine, Significantly Reduces Sleep in Drosophila

William Yin,  Sophomore, Greenwich High School, Hybridized Manganese Dioxide & Gold-Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Inhibition of Tumor Growth via Radiosensitization and Tumor Microenvironment Control

Accompanying Adults:

  • Ann Frattalone, ISEF Week Coordinator, Regular Awards Chair, Connecticut Technical High School System (retired)
  • Andy Bramante, ISEF Week Associate Coordinator, Science Research Teacher, Greenwich High School
  • Michel Leask, ISEF Week Chaperone, Technology Director at Fields Memorial School
  • Bob Wisner, CSEF Fair Director, United Technologies Research Center and Otis Elevator (retired)

On behalf of our Board, Officers, and Executive Committee, thank you for your continuing support of the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair. We hope that you enjoy following the week’s activities.

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For the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair

Bob Wisner, Fair Director


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