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Posted: 30 June 2016
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GENIUS Olympiad Report from Austin Huang  and John Burnett

The following are student reports on their week at the 2016 GENIUS Olympiad.  Special thanks to all for sharing their experiences.  See the Media Release

2016 GENIUS Exhibits- Photo by Austin Huang

2016 GENIUS Exhibits- Photo by Austin Huang

See Photos By Austin Huang and John Burnett

Competing at GENIUS Olympiad

There are two ways to get an opportunity to compete.  You can win one of the four awards given at our fair or you can apply and compete directly. Direct applications include submitting a research report and paying an application fee ($40 in 2016). If accepted to participate, there is a $60 per attendee fee. In 2016 applications were accepted starting Feb. 1 and closed March 18. This timing works well with deadlines for our fair.

Visit the GENIUS Olympiad website for all the details.

Students Sponsored by CSEF

Austin Huang & John Burnett – Silver Medalists and Invitation to Compete at DOESEF

Using Heat Sinks in Integrated Photovoltaic Systems to Enhance Hydrogren Production Through Electrolysis

Austin Huang

When I first arrived at Genius Olympiad in Oswego, New York, I was immediately introduced to many different cultures and students

Austin and John at their poster -Photo Huang and Burnett

Austin and John at their poster -Photo Huang and Burnett

eagerly waiting to meet new people. Right off the bat, I met people from B

razil, Macedonia, Turkey, Bosnia, Thailand, and various cities in the U.S.

Throughout the week, I had opportunities to participate in icebreakers, learn about different countries as well as the language, and engage in high level talks. Genius Olympiad gave us an opportunity to encounter different cultures through the Culture Fair. The International Culture Fair was an amazing event that allowed all participants to show off their country by dressing up and trading gifts and pins. All these bright minds from around the world shared their country professionally but in a fun way where everyone felt welcomed.

Genius Olympiad also planned a trip to Niagara Falls and the Destiny USA Mall, where we spent the entire day taking photos, talking and laughing with friends, and meeting new people. Nearing the end of Genius

John, left, and Austin, center, with some of their new friends.

Left- John and Austin with some of their new friends.

Olympiad, we all made sure to exchange contact information in order to keep in touch. A great thing about Genius Olympiad is that I got to meet a lot of people whom I created deep bonds with. At the end of the week, you will be in tears like I was for leaving all these fantastic people you meet. I’ll never forget the friends I made and what a great experience I had at Genius Olympiad.

Austin Huang
Science and Technology Magnet High School
New London, CT

John Burnett

I would like to thank the Connecticut State Science and Engineering Fair for the opportunity to attend the GENIUS Olympiad.  I will never forget all the friends and the experiences I had learning about other countries from my peers.  I really enjoyed talking to students about their heritage and customs at the International Fair. Sharing souvenirs from Electric Boat and information about Connecticut allowed me to meet many other students.  The Connecticut pins were well received.  Thank you for providing the pins.
Austin Huang and myself received a Silver Medal for our project “Using Heat Sinks In Integrated Photovoltaic Systems to Enhance Hydrogen Production Through Electrolysis” and received an invitation to attend the DOESEF, Doganata Education Science Energy Engineering Fair, in Izmir, Turkey in April 2017. We are very excited about this opportunity.

Sumanth Kondapalli, Engineering Science University Magnet School, New Haven- Silver Medalist

A More Efficient Cellulosic Ethanol Production Rate Through Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Fermentation Using Varying Enzymes and Microbes

Elias Kane, Fishers Island School – Honorable Mention

Assessing the Efficiency and Ecological Impact of Various Antifouling Methods

Jeffrey Osborne, Westside Middle School Academy – Honorable Mention

Harvesting Wind From Urban Street Canyons Using a Double Helix Wind Turbine

Fair Alumni Who Applied and Competed Directly in the Science Category and were Selected by GENIUS Olympiad as Finalists

  • Brunswick School, Greenwich – Edward Camel, Jack Driscoll, Matthew Jacobson, Avi Mukherjee, Nick Saar, Thacher Scannell
  • Engineering Science University Magnet School, New Haven – Prastik Mohanraj
  • Glastonbury High School – Paul Han
  • Greenwich High School – Connor Li – Gold Medalist; Derek Woo
  • Staples High School, Westport – Arun Soni, Xiaotian Zhan

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