2016 ISEF Newsletter #2 from Aakshi Agarwal

Posted: 10 May 2016
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Our eventful day began with the most delicious waffles Sanju and I had ever tasted in our lives. Wearing our matching CSEF T-shirts, we went off to the finalist exhibition hall to set up our projects and go through the SRC approval process. Luckily, all of our projects were cleared without any infractions thus far! We also had a chance to take a look at other people’s projects and were amazed by the quality of research here.

After copying our abstracts and finalizing everything, we took an adventurous trip to CVS and Starbucks to purchase water and Gatorade. We hauled back a ton of water bottles to stay hydrated throughout the week. We enjoyed lunch at a Mexican restaurant with guacamole made right in front of us!

In between lunch and the opening ceremony, we took a look at the Intel quad where Sanju and Christopher battled in a heated game of life-sized chess. Additionally, we had the pleasure of hearing Sanju’s performance of Let It Go from Frozen.


At the opening ceremony, 1760 students from 77 countries, regions, and territories were all together! For the beginning entertainment, music was produced from tesla coils. It was an electrifying show. The speakers from Intel, SSP, and Emotiv were really interesting as well. All and all it was a fantastic day.


Aakshi Agarwal
Hamden High School

Click here to view all the links to photos, newsletters, and more for CSEF at 2016 ISEF

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