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Posted: 10 May 2017
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I-SWEEEP – International Sustainable World
Houston, Texas, May 3 – May 8, 2017
Congrats to CSEF Alumni

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Connecticut has 11 I-SWEEEP competitors this year- All were CSEF Alumni. Four were selected by CSEF to compete.  The others earned their finalist status by applying directly to I-SWEEEP and by chosen by the I-SWEEEP pre-judging process. At I-SWEEEP all Connecticut students received awards- Way to go! Congratulations to all. Connecticut has 3 Gold , 4 Silver, 1 Bronze and 2 Honorable Mentions.

We look forward to receiving more reports and photos from Connecticut’s I-SWEEEP competitors.

I-SWEEEP Competitors selected by CSEF

Senior / Energy
John Burnett & Austin Huang, Junior, Science and Technology HS, New London, The Optimization of a Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Solar Cell through Effective Cooling in the Form of a Heatsink Transfer System

Senior / Engineering
Steven Siveyer, Sophomore, Fairchild Wheeler Magnet HS, Bridgeport, An Investigation into the Capability of Graphene to Produce Electricity During Rainstorms as an Addition to a Traditional Solar Panel 

Senior / Environment: Health & Disease Prevention
Sophie Wang, Junior, Waterford HS, Development Of A Novel Copepod-Based Ovitrap for Mosquito Control 

I-SWEEEP Competitors who applied directly

Senior / Environment: Health & Disease Prevention
Sophia Chow, Junior, Greenwich HS,
 PDE-4 Inhibitor Assisted Antibiotic Suppression of Borrelia Biofilm Growth for Treatment of Chronic Lyme

Senior / Energy
Bennett Hawley, Sophomore, Greenwich HS,
Renewable Energy Generation Using a Hybridized Saltwater Electrochemical and Hydrokinetic Energy System 

Senior / Environment: Health & Disease Prevention
Dante Grace Minichetti, Junior, Greenwich HS, 
Targeted Anticancer Properties of Honey Bee Melittin via Cell Surface Lipid Disruption 

Senior / Environment: Health & Disease Prevention
Prastik Mohanraj, Sophomore, 
Engineering Science University Magnet School, New Haven, CT A Novel Study on the Mechanism of the HAMLET Complex to Induce Apoptosis of Tumor Cells 

Senior / Environment: Health & Disease Prevention
Sanjeev-Kumar Sathish, Senior, Greenwich HS,
The Optimization of Nanoparticle-based Drug Delivery of Melittin in A Selective, Biocompatible Method to Target HIV Structural Antigen p24 

Senior / Environment: Health & Disease Prevention
Rahul Subramaniam, Greenwich HS-
An Early Warning System for Zika Virus in Mosquito Populations Based on Real-Time Field Detection of Viral RNA in Mosquito Saliva

Senior / Environment: Health & Disease Prevention
William Yin, Senior, Greenwich HS, 
Low-Cost, Portable Paper-Based Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease: Targeting Aβ Oligomers in the Brain Using Polymeric Nanoconjugates as Artificial Biomarkers 

Reports from John Bennett and Austin Huang (And Thank You both for the photos.)

John Burnett

Houston was an interesting experience and was very different compared to Genius.
I would like to thank the Connecticut State Science and Engineering Fair for the opportunity to attend I-SWEEEP.  It was so impressive to see all of the
different science projects from all over the world.
I really enjoyed meeting students from Albana, Bosnia, China and Afghanistan and learning about their heritage and customs. I made many friends that I will continue to stay in contact with in the future.  We exchanged souvenirs from Electric Boat and information about Connecticut during the student mixer.
We were given the opportunity visit Houston Museum of Natural Science and NASA.
Austin Huang and myself were invited to the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition in 2018.  We are very excited about this opportunity,

Thank You
John Burnett

Austin Huang
I-SWEEEP was a fantastic experience where I got to encounter many different projects and cultures from around the world.
Throughout the week, my partner John and I had opportunities to learn about different countries as well as the language and engage in high level conversations. I-SWEEEP had set up a social event where students would come together to get to know one another and exchange pins/souvenirs. They also planned a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the NASA Space Center where we spent the day taking pictures, laughing with friends, and learning new information. The competition also gave us the chance to view other interesting projects with different levels of creativity and complexity.
Through these events, we were able to interact with other participants and create precious memories. I-SWEEEP provided an amazing experience and gave us the opportunity to meet new friends who we will continue to stay in touch with.

 Thank you,
Austin Huang

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