2017 ISEF Newsletter #3 from Eunji Lee

Posted: 17 May 2017
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2017 ISEF Newsletter (Tuesday)
Eunji Lee
Day 3 of ISEF!

We started off the day by once again walking into breakfast 15 minutes late, but on the bright side, the food was once again delicious. After a short break upstairs, we headed out to the California Science Center, where we were greeted by large crowds and even larger exhibits. Once there, we learned about every possible science topic imaginable, from the effect of wind on water to the setbacks and successes of America’s space exploration program. The six of us even got the chance to repair the Hubble telescope and visit the International Space Station without ever leaving Earth, thanks to the flight simulator at the museum!

After a quick lunch of burgers and fries at Tom’s Urban, we went to our rooms to rehearse for the big day tomorrow. Once we did a few run through’s with our roommates, we went out for a Target run and some sweet fro-yo at Red Mango! The day finished with the mixer at the Grammy museum, where we had our choice of a rooftop dinner at the terrace or the lounges, spending the night dancing, or touring the museum downstairs. The rooftop, illuminated by the lights on the trees and the Los Angeles skyline, was the perfect place for memories and pictures to last a lifetime! We also had a chance to meet people from many different countries through a giant game of Connect-4 or ping pong!

At the end of this exciting day, we took the time to once again prepare our presentations for tomorrow and to get a good night’s rest. Here’s hoping all goes well tomorrow!

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