CSEF “Spirit of Innovation Awards” at 2017 CT Invention Convention

Posted: 9 May 2017
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CSEF Judging Team Michel and Ron Leask, Jean-Pierre Dionne, and Bob Wisner took on the challenge of reviewing 658 inventions of K-8 students at the 34th Annual Connecticut Invention Convention, April 29, Gampel Pavilion, University of Connecticut.  CSEF gives eight “Spirit of Innovation” awards. Each includes: $50 Amazon gift card; Mini-Plaque; 2017 CSEF T-Shirt; CSEF pins; and invitation to compete at future Connecticut Science & Engineering Fairs.

This year’s CSEF “Spirit of Innovation” Winners:

  • Jasmine Barber, 7th grade, John Wallace Middle School, Newington
    • “Sno-Away” Push snow instead of shoveling it
  • Kunal Kothari, 7th grade, Talcott Mountain Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology, Avon
    • “Conserve” Saving water by shower timing
  • Manav Parikh, 7th grade, CIC Independent Study Student Program, Wallingford
    • “The Food Allergy Alerter” Bracelet that has a personalized QR code containing their specific allergies
  • Emma Ruccio, 7th grade, Talcott Mountain Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology, Avon
    • “Got Your Back” Triple-axis accelerometer to detect curvature in spine
  • Isabel Sumner, 6th grade, Brooklyn Middle School, Brooklyn
    • “Not-An-Hour-Shower” Hardware and app that starts your shower and tells you when it’s warm enough
  • Rebecca Syme, 7th grade, East Windsor Middle School, Broad Brook
    • “Smart Sharpener” Lets you know when your pencil is sharpened
  • Anjo Therattil, 7th grade, CIC Independent Study Student Program, Middlebrook
    • “iBusRanger” Software and a censor count how many kids have entered a school bus, and how many leave.
  • Helena Zima, 4th grade, Staples Elementary School, Easton
    • “BrightBand” Small light attached to a headband for reading at night

The Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair salutes all the students who showed and demonstrated their inventions and the CT Invention Convention volunteers and staff who make this wonderful program happen each year.

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