2019 ISEF Thursday

Posted: 17 May 2019

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Report by Cristian Rodriguez

            I have come to learn within my limited experience, that one will never become accustomed to the sound of a car horn alarm in the morning. I was restless due to the multitude of conversations Srikar and I had in anticipation of the big day. The Special Award Ceremony was upon us, and none of us could contain our excitement (and nerves). The day began with a breakfast feast, where I tried for the first time, a nitrogen enhanced coffee. With a new found energy, I was ready, alongside my peers, to tackle the boiling Arizona sun in our full formal dress attire. 

            Before the award ceremony, however, we all went to our projects to present for the public throughout ISEF’s public viewing period. Here, I personally was able to meet countless teenagers my age, and teachers from around the area who were interested in our project. In addition, there were younger children who I witnessed be inspired by the projects they found around them–it is truly humbling to see such a direct impact on the lives of others. Once this event concluded, we headed over with our vouchers to a concession stand where various fast foods awaited us. With our bellies full and energy low, Srikar and I headed to our hotel room to sleep off the daze. What began as a quick nap, turned into a complete binge-watch of our favorite TV show. This inherently meant we accomplished nothing for three hours until the ceremony began (talk about keeping cool). 

            The time has come for us all to show that CSEF’s investors did not make a mistake. Throughout the plethora of special awards, our group came out on top. Raina won the first place award from the United States’ Patent Office receiving an American flag, a replica of the first patent credited by the US patent office, and a monetary award. The Prasad sisters won a monetary award from the US Air Force and Melissa won a monetary award from IEEE. Not bad when considering that only 8 representatives were are by CSEF year compared to the 20+ sent by other states. It was very fun and exciting to take pictures and document our trip, with every success our group has, we can only thank those supporting us at home.            At the end of the day, Srikar and I went back to our room to relax and prepare for grand awards. We ordered a sandwich from the first-floor dining establishment and found it to be appalling in all aspects (this is now a yelp review). Hence, we ate 1-½ day old pizza. As we lay here, we realize that tomorrow could be a defining moment of our lives. We are forever grateful and excited for the events to come.

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