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2020 Virtual CSEF In The News

13 March 2020

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Monitoring Judging Activities

CSEF is in the NEWS! Our Virtual Fair headquarters in a dance studio room at Quinnipiac University was visited by Sam Gurwitt, a reporter for the “New Haven Independent”. Read Sam’s report on the preparation and operation of our 2020 Virtual Science Fair. COVID-19 didn’t stop us from having our competition. Our technology minded students […]

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2020 Fair Results

4 March 2020

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2020 ISEF Winners 2020 Top Category Winners 2020 Preliminary Judging Results Posted Tuesday, March 10 by 7pm 2020 Final Judging Results – All Award Winners Consolidated List 2020 Abstracts2020 High School Physical Abstracts2020 Middle School Physical Abstracts2020 High School Life Abstracts2020 Middle School Life Abstracts If you have questions about regular awards or need help […]

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