Link to 2023 Student Guide – This document includes all the key information needed to participate in this year’s virtual fair (important dates, schedules, awards, research requirements, display requirements, what to upload and more.

Don’t Forget to Submit Your Abstract

After finishing research and experimentation, you need to write an abstract. The abstract needs to be a maximum of 250 words on one page. An abstract should include the

a) Purpose of the experiment,

b) Procedures used,

c) Data, and conclusions. It also may include any possible research applications. Only minimal reference to previous work may be included.

The abstract must focus on work done in the current year and should not include acknowledgments, or work or procedures done by the mentor.

Abstract Submission- March 1 Deadline

Prepare and edit your abstract as a word processing file on your computer. Once you reviewed  it with your advisor or parents go online and paste into the CSEF abstract form. Avoid using symbols if at all possible.  If you work requires the use of symbols (for example, math) send a copy to the Fair Director and we will give it special handling. It is important that your abstract be well written and free of spelling errors. We send the abstracts to the judges for review prior to the Fair and and to the media if you are an award winner.

Submit your abstract – Click Here.