ISEF 2010: CSF & Science Horizons Students

Activities of the Connecticut Science Fair and the Science Horizons Science Fair delegations at the International Science and Engineering Fair held May 9 to 14 in San Jose, CA

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Sunday, May 9

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  • [intlink id=”1405″ type=”post”]Photos1[/intlink] – Arrival in San Jose

Monday, May 10

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  • Photos2 – Project setup

Photos3 – Monday afternoon activities and Welcoming Party

Tuesday, May 11

Notes from the CSF Fair Director

Newsletter #4 – From Amoolya Narayanan

Photos4 – By Ann Frattalone

Photos5 – By Jacob Ness

Photos6 – By Evelyn Brown

Wednesday, May 12

Newsletter #5 – From Madeleine Skaller

Photos7 – Wednesday Judging

Thursday, May 13

Meet the Chaperones

Photos8 – Public Viewing (morning)

>>> Special Award Winners <<<

Photos9 – Special Awards Ceremony (evening)

Listing of all Special Awards Winners at ISEF

Newsletter #6 – From Jacob Ness

Friday, May 14

>>> Special Award & Grand Award Winners <<<

Listing of all Grand Award Winners at ISEF

Newsletter #7 – From Jason Gandelman

Photos10 – Grand Awards Ceremony & San Francisco tour

Media Release


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