Greetings From San Jose

To Our Science Fair Friends and Sponsors,

Jacob Ness, a junior at New Milford High School and a Science Horizons ISEF competitor, is today’s newsletter contributor.  Jacob describes his experiences at the Public Viewing and at the Special Awards Ceremony last evening.  His newsletter is on the website at:

2011 ISEF: CSF & Science Horizons Students

Bob Wisner, the CSF Fair Director, sent his comments from San Jose.  They are attached below.

Ernie Gagnon
CT_ISEF Website Administrator
Connecticut Science Fair


Hello All,

There is good news from San Jose and the Intel ISEF Special Awards Ceremonies.  Our congratulations to Heather Leask and Amooyla Narayanan for their special awards accomplishments announced Thursday evening..

Thanks to our Adult Volunteers who are serving as this week’s chaperones. This is in addition to their volunteer work in running the Connecticut Science Fair.

Sandy Müller, Fair President and Chair and Scientific Review Committee

Wynn Müller, ISEF Travel Co-ordinator and Registration Chair

Ann Frattalone, ISEF Travel Associate Co-ordinator and Regular Awards Chair

Evelyn Brown, CSF Registration Committee, Field Memorial School and Heather Leask’s middle school teacher.
Evelyn’s mentors her former students as they continue through their high school years and is motivates them to continue on as CSF competitors.

The San Jose adults biographies are given at:

Behind the scenes, Ernie Gagnon produces our ISEF Week webpage.  Year round, Ernie and his wife, Fay, are the heart and soul of the Fair’s database development and archives.

Join me in wishing our students success in all of their future endeavors.

Bob Wisner, Fair Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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