ISEF 2012 Newsletter #5

Wednesday, May 16 – Judging and  Evening Events

Reported by Samantha Skaller, Brewster High School • Science Horizons Winner

Day Long Judging Interviews

We all arose bright and early to meet for our group breakfast at 6:30. With the help from both caffeine and our peppy upbeat waiter, we were all ready for our busy day of judging. After changing into our business attire, we were all ready to make our way to the convention center. We took our places at our projects at 8:15 and judging began soon after that. Each participant was scheduled between three and six judges for the first round of judging. Each of the judges had fifteen minutes to ask us questions about our project. Come time 11, it was time to head over to The Tonic to enjoy a tasty lunch with the group. After we quickly finished our plates, we headed back to the convention center to await our second round of judges. Typically there were more judges in the second round.  The final time slot had ended and we enjoyed a short break before the two hour period where the judges could re-evaluate each project if they felt the need to. The entire judging process had officially ended at 6. We all proceeded to our rooms to get ready for the big plans Intel’s ISEF had planned for us.

See Wednesday Judging photos.

Evening at Heinz Field, Carnegie Science Center, and Highmark SportsWorks

As a group we all made our way to the subway station that would take us to Heinz Field and the Carnegie Science Center. The field was so massive because we were able to get extremely close to it. Inside the stadium were stations to get food and many arcade games to participate in. The dance floor was open to let us young scientists let loose and relieve the stress caused by the long period of judging. Across the stadium was the Carnegie Science Center; which offered a plethora of different activities. Overall the night was a perfect way to end this long judging day. Now, we await the results to be announced in the next two days.

See Wednesday Evening photos.



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