2013 ISEF Newsletter #2 from Mallory

May 12, 2013

Everyone met up at Bradley International Airport, ready for a full day of travel. The six students and three chaperones quickly bonded over breakfast.  Even though the flight to Baltimore left a little late, the group was ecstatic because each individual got to choose where they wanted to sit. The flight was smooth and before anyone could settle in, our short layover in Baltimore was over and everyone was once again lined up to get on our connecting plane to Phoenix. While boarding, a Connecticut finalist took a glance at the other young adults in the airport and pointed out who else was probably going to Intel ISEF.

Landing 45 minutes early in Phoenix freed up the rest of the afternoon for meals and registration. Max, Rebecca, and Kaitavjeet ran off the escalator in the convention center towards the famous wall of the current finalist’s names that is resurrected every year. Mallory tried to remind everyone that the wall would not move and we could get pictures later in the week (pictures to come). Karim and Emily went ahead to registration and thus Connecticut had started Intel ISEF 2013.

After registration the rush of emotions did not stop. Most of the 1500 students competing or observing this week were placed in one room to run away and take part in the much anticipated pin exchange. This is the first of many mixer/icebreaker events. Our Connecticut group met finalists from Brazil, Egypt, Guatemala, France, Canada, and many of the 50 United States. By 9:00pm, or midnight back home, everyone was ready for bed. Each student went their separate ways and will meet back up again tomorrow for Poster Set Up and the opening ceremonies tomorrow night!

Mallory Madfes
Senior Greenwich High School

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