Winners of CSEF Awards at 2013 CT Invention Convention

Eight students were selected for the CSEF Awards at the 30th CT Invention Convention held on May 4, 2013 at the UCONN Storrs Campus. The CSEF award winners are identified below with a brief description of their invention.

Emma Ruccio, Grade 3, Talcott Mountain Academy, The Heat Beeper (measures temperature around gas fireplace and sets off alarm based on temp and/or duration threshhold)

Ciara Lynch, Grade 4, King Street Elementary School, Mailbox Hound (used to monitor mailbox contents/mail delivery for people with mobility disabilities)

Robert Goldsteim, Grade 5, Jane Ryan School, Ding Bat (helps batters become better hitters by finding the sweet spot of the bat with pressure sensor measurements)

Mitra Kardestuncer, Grade 5, Lyme Consolidated School,, (developed prototype of a web site to share/recycle medical equipment)

Alexander Bird, Grade 6, Talcott Mountain Academy, Hydropressure Energy (harnesses energy using turbines in water pipes)

Caroline Sofair, Grade 6, Bethany Community School, Sandy’s Savior (releases door latch so pet can escape from carrier in the event of a fire)

Troy Spenard, Grade 6, Brooklyn Middle School, Solar Stop (Solar charged battery powers a stop sign with blinking lights to improve stop sign visibility at night and during storms.)

Cristian Rodriguez, Grade 6, Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, Shock (portable energy generator with battery storage and volt meter to monitor status, includes crank or option to charge at home, has a car charger and electrical outlet)

Photo of Winners

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