2014 ISEF Newsletter #4 from Emma


May 13, 2014

Our second day at Intel ISEF began with an excursion to the California Science Center, where we learned about and actually saw the Endeavor, the massive space ship that was built to replace the Challenger, explored the deep sea and kelp zones, and even banded together to lift a Toyota! After returning from an exciting and informative visit to the Science Center, we relaxed by the beautiful pool at the Figueroa and practiced our speeches for tomorrow—judging day. To take a break from our studying, we wandered to Red Mango for a refreshing frozen yogurt.

We were all extremely excited for the mixer at LA Live, where we had the opportunity to dance the night away at Club Nokia, try our luck at bowling at Lucky Strike, and eat delicious food at Toms Urban. Club Nokia had a fantastic atmosphere, with pulsating, colorful lights, booming music, and scrumptious appetizers, and the rest of the Intel ISEF finalists were ecstatic and enervated as well. The mixer event not only allowed us to relax after our earlier practicing, but also allowed us to meet some more of the amazing finalists from all around the world and make new friends. After an informative and productive day, and a fun, relaxing evening, the CSEF team is ready to rock judging day tomorrow.

Emma Goodman
Junior, Greenwich High School

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