2014 ISEF Newsletter#3 from Bridget


May 12, 2014

We started out our first full day at INTEL ISEF with a lovely breakfast at the Figueroa hotel.  Afterwards we put on our matching CT Science and Engineering Fair t-shirts and headed to the LA Convention Center to finish our project set up and clearance.  We all had the opportunity to peruse the other projects in the display hall and they were nothing short of exceptional.  After spending the morning in the convention center, the CT team decided to get some fresh air and take an excursion to the Santa Monica Pier.  We all did a little shopping, ate at a fantastic seafood restaurant, and even had time to make some sand castles!  We then returned from our adventure and prepared for the ISEF Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony was held in a massive hall in the Convention Center.  The environment was awe-inspiring with students representing 70 countries and over 1750 projects present.  The co-hosts Christina Ochoa and Kyle Hill were interactive with the students and got the crowd excited.  The highlight of the ceremony was keynote speaker Mick Ebeling, founder of the not impossible labs.  His stories and his adventures as well as his words of wisdom were poignant and inspirational.  The event was concluded with the country shout-out ceremony.  The CT competitors are ready to go and take ISEF by storm!!

Bridget Oei
Senior East Catholic School, Manchester, CT

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