CSEF “Spirit of Innovation” Awards at 2015 Connecticut Invention Convention


IMG_1689CSEF Judging Team Michel Leask, Heather Leask (CSEF Alum years 2004-10), Ronald Leask, Joshua McLellen, and Bob Wisner took on the challenge of reviewing 952 inventions of K-8 students at the 32nd Annual Connecticut Invention Convention, May 2, Gampel Pavilion, University of Connecticut.  CSEF gives eight “Spirit of Innovation” awards. Each includes: $100 VISA gift card; Mini-Plaque; 2015 CSEF T-Shirt; CSEF pins; and invitation to compete in future fairs.

This year’s CSEF “Spirit of Innovation” Winners:

  • Aline  K. Colbertt-Cousins, 1st grade, Martin Elementary School, ManchesterIMG_1974
    • “Electric Head Scratcher” To Help People with Disabilities”
  • Preston T. McNulty Socha, 3rd grade, CREC University of Hartford Magnet School, Hartford
    • “Multi-Sensi Battery Tester” To help visual or hearing impaired to test their batteries
  • Kyle Burke, 4th grade, Highland Park Elementary School, Manchester
    • Ride and Recharge” Recharge a cell phone by riding your bike
  • Aleksander Zyszkowski, 6th grade, Indian Mountain School, Lakeville
    • “BeeMinder” Help detects and prevent Colony Collapse Disorder
  • Chloe Robinson, 6th grade, Brooklyn Middle School, Brooklyn
    • “Untangled” Prevents earbuds from getting tangledIMG_4461
  • Aresh Pourkavoos, 6th grade, Talcott Mountain Academy of Science, Mathematics and Technology, Avon
    • “Arduino Sonar” Reliably track an object’s location using inexpensive hardware
  • Daniel Majkot, 7th grade, Engineering Science University Magnet School, New Haven
    • “Marble Sorter” Concept for sorting garbage demonstrated with marbles
  • Kayleigh Patterson, 8th grade, Interdistrict Discovery Magnet School, Bridgeport
    • “Weather Window” To save energy when cooling or heating your house

The Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair salutes all the students who showed their inventions and the CT Invention Convention volunteers and staff who make this wonderful program happen each year.

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