2016 ISEF Newsletter #1 from Sophie Edelstein

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Exhausted, we all left bright and early and headed to Bradley International Airport. Unfortunately, the United desk was behind and we had very little time once we got passed security to make our flight to Denver. It didn’t end there, for they couldn’t calibrate the plane and we ended up being seventy one minutes late. Out of the MANY planes behind, they held our connecting flight to Phoenix, and although late, we finally arrived!

Once at our hotel we had lunch at a sports bar where the boys devoured wings and us girls were disgusted by the salty drinking water! After lunch, we were off to the convention center to get registered and set up our posters where we made our first friends from Egypt and India. Setting up our posters calmed our nerves a bit, everyone was so inviting and willing to help! Seeing the competition turned out to be helpful rather than stressful.

The last event of the evening was the pin exchange. Countries from all over were shouting cheers, especially Brazil! The hall was packed with hundreds of kids, eager to end up with the most amount of pins. There was something about the Australian kids, everyone seemed to be lining up to take pictures with them, even Sanju. We all covered our lanyards with the pins we collected and headed back to the hotel. The weather isn’t deathly yet, but we’re all preparing for the high 90s later this week (yikes!) Everyone will get a good night’s sleep, as we all need it for the busy week ahead!


Sophie Edelstein
Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven

Click here to view all the links to photos, newsletters, and more for CSEF at 2016 ISEF

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