CSEF at 2016 Intel International Science & Engineering Fair- Meet the Competitors

Hello Science Fair Friends, Sponsors, and Alumni,

The seven top high school winners of the 2016 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair are heading to Phoenix, Sunday, May 8, to compete in the Intel International isef2016Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), the world’s largest precollege science and engineering competition. Once again leave on Mother’s Day!

Intel ISEF takes place Sunday through Friday, May 8-13. We are continuing our tradition of providing newsletters of our students’ adventures for our sponsors and friends. The newsletters will be emailed to you and will be posted on the Fair’s website.

A limited number of photos will be attached to the emails but a great many more will be available through the CSEF website. See Photos There will be approximately seven email newsletters, one for each major event, and each written by one of the CSEF competitors.

Get the ISEF Week Program and follow along with us. Throughout the week ISEF hosts a rich number of symposia. Check them out– Never a dull moment!

Review the project titles in the Finalist Directory and judge for yourself. There is much to be learned from even a project title. See if you can pick the top placing projects in a category just from the title.

Official Party – Get Biographies and Project Abstracts Here

Meet the 2017 competitors and the adult chaperones.  Get pdf containing the students’ abstracts and bios, and the bios for the accompanying adults.

2106 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair Top Winners: l-t-r: William Yin, Maya Geradi, Aakshi Agarwal, Christopher Popham, Martha Haddad, Sophie Edelstein, Sanju Sathish

2106 Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair Top Winners: l-t-r: William Yin, Maya Geradi, Aakshi Agarwal, Christopher Popham, Martha Haddad, Sophie Edelstein, Sanju Sathish


  • Aakshi Agarwal, Junior, Hamden High School, CRISPR Based Gene Editing Confers Resistance to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
  • Sophie Edelstein, Freshman, Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven, Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK), 3D Printed, Bipartite Surgical Implant:An Alternative and Supportive Cure for Internal Coxa Saltans in Female Adolescents
  • Maya Geradi, Sophomore, Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven, Exploring Conditions for Struvite Precipitation with Sustainable Goals inWastewater Management
  • Martha Haddad, Junior, Immaculate High School, Danbury, Novel Glycerol-Free Biodiesel Production Using Enzyme Catalysis
  • Christopher Popham,  Junior, Greenwich High School, Increased Charge Rate and Capacity for Olivine Li-Ion Batteries via Efficient,Upcycled Nanoscale Electrodes
  • Sanju Sathish, Junior, Greenwich High School, The Optimization of Nanoparticle-Based Drug Delivery of Melittin in a ColloidalSuspension as a Selective Method to Target HIV Structural Antigen p24
  • William Yin,  Junior, Greenwich High School, Development of a Portable, Tattoo-Based Biosensor for the Non-Invasive, Low-Cost Diagnosis of Atherosclerosis via Iontophoresis of Macrophage-Targeting
  • Silver Nanoparticles

Accompanying Adults

  • Ann Frattalone, ISEF Week Coordinator, Regular Awards Chair, Connecticut Technical High School System (retired)
  • Mathieu Friedman, ISEF Week Associate Coordinator, Chemistry, Engineering, Science Research Teacher, Green Farms Academy
  • Michel Leask, ISEF Week Associate Coordinator,  Technology Director at Fields Memorial School
  • Bob Wisner, CSEF Fair Director, United Technologies Research Center and Otis Elevator (retired)

On behalf of our Board, Officers, and Executive Committee, thank you for your continuing support of the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair. We hope that you enjoy following the week’s activities.

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For the Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair

Bob Wisner
Fair Director

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