CSEF “Spirit of Innovation Awards” at 2016 CT Invention Convention

CSEF Judging Team Michel Leask, Heather Leask (CSEF Alum 2004-10), Ronald Leask Jr., Ron Leask, Jean-Pierre Dionne, and Bob Wisner took on the challenge of

Heather Leask announces the winners.

Heather Leask announces the winners.

reviewing 800 inventions of 4-8th grade students at the 33nd Annual Connecticut Invention Convention, April 30, Gampel Pavilion, University of Connecticut.  CSEF gives eight “Spirit of Innovation” awards. Each includes: $100 Amazon gift card; Mini-Plaque; 2016 CSEF T-Shirt; CSEF pins; and invitation to compete at a future Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair.

2016 CSEF “Spirit of Innovation” Winners:

  • Sawyer Baran, 8th grade, Charles H. Barrows STEM Academy, Lebanon
    “The iComposer” – A Braille Keyboard for iPad
  • Charlotte Chen, 8th grade, Engineering and Science University Interdistrict Magnet Middle and High School
    “Clean Door” A touchless door for a public lavatory door
  • Damian Ding, 8th grade, Indian Mountain School, Lakeville
    “STATS Sports Tech Accuracy Training System” To improve the shot accuracy of athletes

    CSEF's "Spirit of Innovation" Winners at 2016 Invention Convention

    CSEF’s “Spirit of Innovation” Winners at 2016 Invention Convention

    in a variety of games, which involve the use of balls

  • Alex Jonsson, 7th grade, CREC Two Rivers Magnet Middle School, South Windsor
    “Samrt Grass” A way to monitor soil moisture and provide appropriate watering
  • Nicholas Koelle, 4th grade, Tokoket Valley Elementary School, Northford
    “Solar Activated Automatic Shades” Closes window shades when sun shines on the window
  • Abkinav Kumar, grade 8, Rye Country Day School
    “Magneto Charger” More efficient way to increase distance of wireless power transfer
  • Audrey Larson, grade 7, Dag Hammarskjold Middle School, Wallingford
    “SEAT Safe Emergency Assistive Technology” Reduce fatigue in people who use crutches
  • Preston McNulty-Socha, grade 4, CREC University of Hartford Magnet School
    “Bat Hat Smart Eyes” To help the elderly, disabled, especially individuals with visual limitations sense their immediate surroundings


IMG_0013 (1)

Jean-Pierre Dionne, CSEF Board Member, places medallion on a winner.

We salute the creativity of Connecticut’s young students. We hope to see them at a future Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair.

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