2017 ISEF Newsletter #1 from Maya Geradi

Intel ISEF Newsletter 2017 (Sunday)

Maya Geradi
Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven

Our day began at 4:50 a.m. at Bradley Airport, bleary eyed and waiting in line to check in our luggage. After a long wait, we finally passed through security and had a brief breakfast. We boarded and embarked on the approximately 6 hour plane ride to LA. Following a short bus ride from the airport, we arrived at the Luxe City Center Hotel and dropped off our luggage. We had lunch on an open patio in the hotel, admiring the surrounding area and palm trees. After gathering our posters, we walked to the convention center, where we were greeted by large, welcoming ISEF banners and the registration center. Entering the finalist exhibit hall, each of us went our separate ways, searching for our poster booth amongst the vast number of projects and people. We nervously anticipated the safety & display inspection and were relieved when all of our projects passed. Together, we exited the convention center, stopping for a quick photo before arriving back at the hotel.

At 6:45, we headed to the pin exchange at the Marriott Hotel, where the majority of finalists had gathered. We split up, in pursuit of collecting pins and meeting people from various states and countries. Once all our Connecticut pins had been traded away, we snacked on ice cream, chips and lemonade, talking about our first impressions of ISEF. Exhausted, Eunji, Sophie and I left the pin exchange early and slowly made our way back to the hotel. Overall, today was a very eventful and exhilarating day.

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